Customer Surveys

Direct feedback from your clients is the most powerful measure of service performance.

Our surveys gather feedback directly from those who have used or engaged with your care service, providing insights from those who matter most to the business - your clients.


Respite is a widely used first step towards a more permanent care solution. A little over 20% of respite placements convert to a full-time client.

Our respite survey gathers direct feedback from those who have used your services and measures their experience over 10 key areas. This insight has supported our partners to maintain a strong conversion on respite, and helped identify potential problems before they become issues.


Feedback from clients who have left your home can often provide a valuable insight into the day to day running of the service.

Families often feel more empowered to speak honestly of their experience following discharge, than when their loved one is present in the home.

Our discharge survey seeks to gather feedback across 10 key areas that matter most to residents and families. This insight can help improve working practice and celebrate excellence amongst the team.


Surveying those who contact your care service can really put you into the buyer's mindset; it often provides some unique insights which can help you improve your service promotion or engagement at a home level.

Our enquiry surveys take all forms of communication; direct calls, email and SMS to provide care seekers with all means to provide feedback on their experience.

TrustedCare are a great partner for us and really understand the customer mentality when looking for a care home...

Sarah Lander-Scott , Head of Customer Experience

Barchester Healthcare partners with TrustedCare to improve customer service.

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