We provide a range of technology solutions to help care providers improve their sales and marketing performance.

Our technology tools compliment the wider services offered by TrustedCare; however they can also be deployed independently and in conjunction with existing teams.


CareCall is a telephone analytics platform which tracks calls made to a care service from their source channel by using static or dynamic telephone numbers.

The system supports call recording and automatic call grading to provide the user with a breakdown regarding the nature of the calls they have received.

CareCall allows marketeers to monitor the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns, tracking the number of calls generated and the ROI from converted enquiries.


Through our partner CareHQ, we are delighted to offer a true CRM system for the UK care market.

CareHQ is built for business growth; we provide enquiry management tools, residents' records and an invoice engine, along with a suite of management reports providing real-time insights.

Visit the CareHQ website to find out more.

Virtual Tours

Many care providers now host virtual tours on their website and directory platforms. They provide care seekers with a fantastic view of life inside the home, communal spaces, and they are accessible despite any local visiting restrictions.

We are a Google accredited virtual tour partner meaning our tours can be uploaded to your Google My Business listing. They are also very simple to add to your website.

Here are a few examples:

“We are so pleased to have partnered with an organisation that reflect our values and understands so much about delivering customer service excellence.

Mark Sherriff, Chief Growth Officer

Achieve Together partners with TrustedCare to provide customer service excellence.

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